What is the Konmari method?

Marie Kondo

Who is Marie Kondo? What is the Konmari method? And what does decluttering even mean?

Let’s dive into what it’s all about, and what the best Marie Kondo tips and Konmari rules are. Marie Kondo, the woman behind the Konmari method, became famous to the bigger public in 2019 when her Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo went viral. Today, the Konmari method is loved by millions of people worldwide, and there are hundreds of Konmari consultants all over the world that can help you tidy up your life.

Does it spark joy?

The general idea behind the Konmari method is to declutter your life, meaning to get rid of any objects and garments that does not spark joy. In this aspect, the Konmari method have several similarities to the minimalistic approach to life. You can read more about minimalism here.

“If you can say without a doubt, ‘I really like this!’ no matter what anyone else says, and if you like yourself for having it, then ignore what other people think.”


Care for the things you own

What differs the Konmari method from a more general minimalistic approach is the gratitude and the emotional connection that Marie Kondo claims we should have to our items, and above all, to your home as a whole. According to her, a big part of the puzzle that is having an organized and tidy life is to be connected to the feelings you have towards the items you own, and show gratitude to the things you choose to discard. She means that there is much more to tidying than just cleanliness, but rather, when you take good care of your home, you also take good care of your soul. And when you take care of your home, your home will take care of you.

“Happy home, happy life.”


Organize your things category-by-category

Once you’ve sorted out the items that no longer spark any joy to you, the next step is to organize the items that you decide to keep category-by-category, instead of room-by-room. This gives you an improved overview and perception of the things you own.


Marie Kondo folding technique

After the items are organized, it’s time to fold them. And for this step, Marie Kondo has come up with a specific folding method. By folding the clothes in a way that makes each and every item visible to you, this method is all about making it easier for you to keep your closet organized. Click here to see a tutorial on how to fold your garments according to Marie Kondo.


There’s more to your home than just your clothes

The Konmari method can be applied to all parts of your life and your home – not just the wardrobe. Whether it’d be old papers at work, books that have been standing in the bookshelf for years, or the children’s many toys – make sure to sort out the items that no longer spark joy, organize them regularly and let go of the items that you don’t longer want to keep.


Organize it all at once

It might seem like a wild idea at first, but according to Marie Kondo, the best practice for organizing and tidying your home is to do all items at once. This way you get the bigger picture immediately and a better perception of how much stuff you actually own.