What is slow fashion?

What is slow fashion

The better alternative to fast fashion is called slow fashion (if you’re not sure what fast fashion means, click here for an explanation!).

What is slow fashion?

Basically, as the name implies, you could say that slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. That means that slow fashion is characterized by high-quality clothes with a more timeless design, indicating that slow fashion clothes can be used for a long period of time without becoming out-of-style. Slow fashion is all about sustainability and ethical production processes. That means that slow fashion garments often are reusable and recyclable, which decreases the immense amounts of waste that the fashion industry as a whole produces each year. Slow fashion garments are also

Slow fashion – increasingly popular

Today, the slow fashion movement is constantly gaining ground and consumer attitudes towards slow fashion are increasingly popular. Several initiatives stemming from the slow fashion movement urges consumers to be more conscious when choosing what to buy and how to consume. Some of these initiatives are the #2020wehaveplenty movement, the #project333 movement as well as the #capsulewardrobe movement. Read our articles where we explain these different movements here!

Why is slow fashion better than fast fashion?

Apart from being a sustainable alternative to the fast fashion industry, slow fashion also means better working conditions for the people producing the clothes. Smaller production scales within the slow fashion industry often mean less time pressure for the workers, which by extension means a better work environment.

Simply put: slow fashion facilitates a more sustainable lifestyle by consuming fewer, but better, garments while also improving the lives of others, as well as the state of your wallet. In other words, slow fashion is a win-win-win situation – for the planet, the factory workers as well as for your conscience!

Is Coatally a slow fashion brand? 

Coatally is all about consuming less but better. Our concept is simple: instead of buying one coat or jacket for each season or each event you’re going to – buy one basic coat and switch it up by replacing the add-on details. In that sense, Coatally is definitely a slow fashion brand. But we’re also much more than that. We like to call ourselves a smart fashion brand! Never heard of smart fashion before? No worries – we’ll explain it to you here!