Charlotte Grip - the founder of Coatally

The idea behind Coatally came to founder Charlotte Grip, Just before her move to New York a few years ago. Realising she needed over ten coats to suit all seasons and occasions, she knew there had to be a more efficient solution. Charlotte asked herself:

What if there was one coat for different occasions? What if there was one coat for different types of weather? What if there was one coat with endless variations? And with that came the birth of Coatally.

Once back in Sweden, she began the journey to create the company Coatally. The production process took over two years and the search for the perfect materials took Charlotte all over Europe and around the world. In August 2017 the brand new concept of Coatally went live on its online store making its grand debut onto the fashion scene.

Inspired by strong ladies who dare to break the mould and go their own way. Coatally is a brand that aims to inspire women to trust themselves, their decisions, dreams and their strength. Charlotte believes how we dress is part of our identity and an extension of ourselves as individuals. Our fashion choices allow us to feel strong, beautiful, empowered and much more. Now with Coatally, women get to enjoy fashion and express themselves with the help of small details that make big changes. This exciting new concept allows us to stay fashionable in a smarter way, reducing carbon footprint.

The ‘ally’ in Coatally signifies that we are in this together. Together we are striving to make fashion smarter.

Remember to always trust yourself 


Endless variations with less coasts.


One coat for all weather. One coat for all occasions. One coat with endless variations. It’s easy to adapt, adjust and change. We call this: smart.

You can change your look few times per day easily


High quality and a timeless design equal style that never goes out of fashion. It’s easy to change your look by adding or removing one detail. That means: Saving time and money. We call this: economic.

Super easy, quick attachment process


Less material, less space in your wardrobe and less waste. That means: Caring for the environment. We call this: the power of less.