The Lovisa Coat


Oh Lovisa! She truly has a heart of gold. Because she is always filling up her own jar of wants, needs, and desires – she has more than enough to share with the world. According to her, taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity in order to give from a sincere place. She makes sure to always have her soul open and flowing. When she does, something magical happens: she allows others to see their soul in hers.

As Lovisa would say: The best connection is heart to heart.

It is a beautiful ¾ sleeved coat with a detachable high collar offers you protection on a windy day. You can wear it in two different ways: high standing protective position or let it lie on your shoulders. Perfect look for any of your casual outfit.

30 degrees hand-wash. Steaming recommended. Read more in care instructions.

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