The Ebba Coat


Ebba is a fearless lady. She has never allowed fear to control her decisions but instead uses it as motivation to succeed. This lady knows the difference between self esteem and self confidence. Self-confidence can go up and down depending on how you perform, but your self-esteem is engraved in you. Of course she is a lady who wants to succeed in everything she does, and works hard for it. But her secret is knowing that her value is not based solely on performance. She has dared to take big risks and succeeded!  She is a role model for cherishing one’s self-esteem and inspires other ladies to realise that they are good enough and are valued just for being them.

As Ebba would say: “One is loved because one is loved. There is no reason for love”.

It´s a true classic everyday coat with an originality touch. It is performed in a resistant black material in a stylish straight cut with an original detachable accessory made in beige braided leather. It has a discreet pocket in the side seam. Fully lined. Wear on weekends and for special occasions.

30 degrees hand-wash. Steaming recommended. Read more in care instructions.


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