Project 333

Coatally - Project 333. Smart coat for smart fashionista

What is Project 333?

Right now there’s a lot of buzz online surrounding the Project 333 challenge which starts today. But what is project 333 and what’s the buzz all about?

Project 333 is an initiative founded by author, blogger and minimalist Courtney Carver (@bemorewithless on IG). The initiative is based upon the idea that we all own and buy too much – while only using a small fraction of it all. All these clothes and items that we own but never use creates a clutter that generates stress and thereby becomes an energy thief in our everyday lives.

Courtney Carver’s Project 333 is a fashion challenge that anyone can join – and it’s a perfect opportunity for someone who’s been wanting to cut down on their consumption and become more aware of their consumption patterns. Whether it’d be of economic, environmental or personal reasons, we believe Project 333 is something everyone should try!

How does Project 333 work?

The 333 rule is to use only 33 items (clothes, shoes, and accessories) for 3 months at a time – hence the name Project 333. Only using 33 items for 3 months might seem like a scary (and maybe even impossible) thought – but rest assured it’s easier than you think – especially considering the fact that we only use 20% of the garments hanging in our closet to begin with. This means that choosing 33 items might not be as tough as you initially thought since you aren’t even using the majority of your clothes in the first place.

What should I include in the Project 333 list of items?

What to include in your Project 333 list depends on which garments and items you usually wear most often, and which items and garments in your wardrobe that are most versatile.

Here are some of the most essential items we’re adding to our Project 333 spring list:

  • The Basic Coat
    We’re starting the challenge today by picking The Basic Coat as a staple in our Project 333 capsule wardrobes. A multi-way coat with endless variations is, simply put, the perfect item to start with and add to your Project 333 wardrobe.
  • A couple of our favorite add-on detail sets
    We’re adding our favorite add-on details to our Project 333 list – so that we can use the coat to any event and activity – no matter the occasion or weather. Right now, our favorite details are the Heartally detail featuring flared sleeves and the Protectally hood detail to protect us from the Swedish, gloomy March weather. Last but not least we’re going for the Shineally detail set to make sure we have a look for special occasions. 
  • A couple of pants that you feel well dressed and comfortable in.
    We’re going for a pair of leather pants as well as a pair of classy, wide suit pants.
  • Our favorite skirt.
    This season we love the midi skirt in different styles and materials.
  • Our favorite blouses and shirts that will work just as well for dinners and parties as well as for work.
    Our favorites right now are white, crisp shirts as well as silk blouses in earthy tones.
  • A couple of our favorite sweaters/jumpers.
    We’re going for a beige turtle neck as well as a fluffy wool-blend sweater in grey for the colder spring days.
  • A pair of black boots to go with any outfit.
    Because you can never go wrong with a pair of classy boots.
  • A classic and elegant bag to add some luxury to any outfit.

What are the benefits of Project 333?

  1. By decluttering and creating a capsule wardrobe of essential garments that go well to several combinations of outfits, you’ll feel that it’s easy to find joy in your fashion choices again.
  2. Besides, more or less knowing what you are going to wear every day is going to save you a lot of time each morning, and who wouldn’t want that?
  3. If you plan your outfits and choose your 33 items carefully, you’ll find new favorite key garments and outfit combinations that you never thought of or used previously.
  4. Last but not least, you’ll feel at peace knowing that you don’t contribute to the unsustainable fast fashion industry by buying unnecessary things.
  5. As a businesswoman on the go, your everyday life will become hassle-free so that you can focus on what’s truly important for you.